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Q: Water Marks on Stainless Steel. I'm looking for a tip on removing water marks from a stainless steel sink.  Would appreciate of any tips. Thanks -- Janice Reply   (Ref:0118)

A: (Ref 0118)   Restore Lime/Scale Remover also works well for cleaning my stainless steel sink.  The product I've found that works beautifully is Restore Bathroom Lime & Scale Remover (www.restoreproductsReply). N.B.: This particular product is non-toxic and safe to use for cleaning dishes--which is not the case with most lime/scale removers. (It also works very well for cleaning sinks, toilets, tubs--everywhere there's mineral build-up from hard water.) Good luck! -- Judy Steele - 03 Aug 2002

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A: Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks. Hi Janice, I have a cleaning service, and I use a liquid gel with bleach ( soft scrub) to clean it first, with a non scratch scrub sponge. Then dry well with clean cotton cloth. Use " Zeps " stainless steal spray cleaner. Polish with clean dry cloth. Zeps found qz Home Depot. My Clients love how it looks.good luck. -- hapy2bsav08. 10/09/08

Q: Removing Ink Pen Marks.  How do you remove ink pen marks from a linen skirt? It's just a small spot. I don't want to wash the skirt because of the one tiny mark. Jeanette Wilder --  Reply 10/05/2005 (Ref:1121)

A: Skirt. im really not sure if this will work put my friend sprayed hairspray on her skirt and the spot pen mark came off. -- Lauren Johnson. 1/10/08

Q: How long does a Fart stay with you. I take a medication that causes an embarrassing amount of wind and I am worried that my 'vapour trails' are brought back in to the room with me after I go out of the office to 'degas' -- Richard B Reply

Answer. Allow 17 seconds or alternatively get yourself one of these charcoal pad things that you wear to absorb the smell. Such a device is the Flat-D pad, www.flat-d.com an innocuous device that fits in your undergarment ans is re-usable and washable. -- Martin Klystron 02/01/09

Q: I have discovered that I am allergic to Fava beans, is there any common treatments? -- Rick Press Reply 17th Mar 2009

A: Broad Beans or Fava Beans: It is not an allergy but a defective or missing enzyme in your system, Your doctor can give you a list of foods and medicines to avoid. Fava bean poisoning can be fatal if treatments are not given, this is usually blood transfusions with the appropriate enzyme added. -- Davina Martin - 25th Mar 2009

Towel Lint!! was this ever answered?????????????? Was there ever an answer for this question?? Thanks DP -- Don Reply 20 Oct 2002 (Ref:0818)

Original post; TOWEL LINT How do i get rid of the excess lint on new bath towels? I got new bath towels and i have washed them but they still have a lot of lint. When you shower and dry yourself off the towels leave a lot of lint on you body. What can i do to get rid of all that lint? Thanks lupe chavez -- "Lupe Garcia-Chavez" Reply  (Ref:0239)

A: Linty Towels. Hi I don't know how old this post is, but I'll reply anyways. First off there are 2 "linting" cycles in a towels life. One when it is new and one when it is almost garbage. The first cycle, which is the cycle that most people get annoyed by is to get rid of the excess fibers. Oddly enough lots of linting in the beginning is a sign of a good quality towel. High quality Egyptian cotton towels will need at least 10 washes and dries before this linting will decrease to "normal". The other shedding or linting period is when the towel is really old and decomposing essentially. Because of this you should wash your newer towels and older towels separately because the brand new or old ones will leave excess lint on your good towels.

Another point that is important is to never use fabric softener on towels because it removes its absorbency. Not only do most new towels have a coating on them that takes a few washes to remove that keeps them from being absorbent, but softener breaks down that ability as well. For new towels that don't absorb run them a few times with white vinegar added to the wash. That will break down the chemicals that impede the absorbency.

As far as linting goes you have to wash good new towels quite a few times before that will stop. Best thing for them is to wash them alone and then hang them out to dry because it will also blow a lot of the lint off the towels so it doesn't carry on to the next wash or to you lol. -- Tasha.

Q: Cleaning White Handbell Gloves. I play in a handbell choir. We wear white gloves to protect the bells. The gloves get dirty and we haven't found a way to get them white again. Any suggestions? -- Isabelle Walters Reply (Ref:0704

A: Handbell Gloves. Hi Isabelle, I have been a great fan of powdered Dreft for ages and pretty much use it for an all purpose cleaner; dishes, windows, laundry and floors. It seems to get out soil that does not come out with other products. I recently washed all of the cinches for the deacon robes at our church in my front loader with Dreft, extended cycle and extra water. The person in charge said they have never looked so good! Also try presoaking your handbell gloves in Oxyclean. Best wishes, Sandi - Tucson, AZ -- Sandi Putnam. 7/08/08

A: Cleaning Gloves. If you still need help, try Goop hand cleaner. Buy it in the car cleaning products section of any home store, like Walmart, Kmart, etc. Don’t wet the gloves. Just rub the Goop into the stain. Let that sit for 15 minutes and throw in the wash. It works on virtually any clothing stain I have except permanent marker. Kelley -- Kelley McHenry. 26/11/08

Q: Hot Chillies: Where can I buy really hot chillies in London? -- Flora Keithley 17th Nov 2008

A: Hot Chilliies. My son phoned last night and told how he had made a salsa from Naga chillies bought from a Bangladeshi stall holder just outside Whitechapel Underground station in London. He likes the heat but also says the taste is special, he and his flatmates love it. -- Adam Walden. 18th Jan 09

Q: Tacky Rug and Floor i hope you can help me. i have a kitchen rug that has a rubber, no skid backing. i noticed today that the backing is sticky/tacky and has left grid marks on my linoleum floor. i want advice on both how to take the tackiness off the rug - what caused it? -- and how to remove what feels like half the rubberized backing on the floor. thanks for your help -- Joey MiyamotoReply 20/07/09

A: Hi Joey I am afraid that it looks like the rubber backing is perishing or deteriorating or changing chemically. You could experiment with talcum powder but that would destroy the non-stick properties - and possibly end up with a family member slipping and hurting themselves. Lighter fuel or mineral spirits (outside the US this is known as White Spirits) or even WD40 should remove the sticky residue -- DE

Skunked!!!!  Hello, My dog just got sprayed by a skunk. We gave her a bath, rubbed tomato juice all over her, prayed, begged and the poor dog still stinks!! What can we do? Do you have any tips? Appreciate your help. -- Adéle Shaffer  Reply  

A: A friend of mine also had the same problem. If you can get the dog to sit still long enough, then cover the dog with tomato juice and then rinse him. The acid in the tomatoes takes away the smell -- KTaylor   

A:  Skunk Smell If you're trying to remove the skunk smell from your dog...try bathing him in tomato juice...works like a charm. -- Valerie Press August 10, 2004

A: Skunk Smell. They say to remove the smell of skunk from a dog or cat is not tomato juice. My cat got skunked and I called my Vet he said the best thing is dishwashing soap. The spray from the skunk is an oil based spray and the best thing is dish washing soap, dish washing soap has a special agent in it to get rid of grease from you pots and pans and plates, well it works the same way with the oil from the skink. I tried the tomato juices as she got sprayed early in the morning I then tried the baby wash bath soap and finally got hold of my Veterinarian and he told me about the dishwashing soap and that most certainly worked - hope this helped. -- 'Dave and Jan Bigg' 31/12/07

A: Skunked. Hi, I have had dogs my whole life. Use 1 quart *hydrogen peroxide*, 1/4 C. baking soda, and a little dawn dish detergent. Wipe the skunk oil off first with newspaper, but since you have already given your pup a bath. Wet him/her first, mix all together in a bucket, pour over dog, rub in and let set on dog for a while. Then shampoo with more dawn. Also if your dog ever gets sprayed in the face, rinse eyes and mouth with cool water to stop the burning. Also watch for vomit in the first 15 minutes. If this happens get your dog to the vet. -- nancy potucek. 01/09/09

Caution - Mixing cleaning products can be dangerous also if you use Hydrogen Peroxide on animals or humans it should be diluted and carefully rinsed off afterwards. -- Webmaster

Q: Gordon Moore's cosmetic toothpaste? where can I obtain Gordon Moore's cosmetic toothpaste? Reply  (Ref:0484)

Q: Cosmetic toothpaste I would like to know if anybody could tell me where I can purchase Gordon Moore’s cosmetic tooth paste. I noticed that somebody has also asked this question. Thanks Susan Hegedus -- Reply 6 Jun 2002  (Ref:0242)

A: Red Toothpaste. Hi susan if you mix a small amount of any ordinary toothpaste in a small dish and mix in a few drops of red cake colouring hey presto, regards -- j royle 27/11/09


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