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Q: Bleach Stains You see, somehow I got bleach on my favorite (must have) navy blue pants. I love them and need a tip to get them back to normal. I tried dye, no luck any other suggestions???? Write Back PLEASE!!!!! - Angel 9487 Reply (Ref:0695)

A: Bleach Stain  Once this happened on a favorite black shirt. As long as the stain isn’t real big, I went to the craft shop and bought an indelible marker ( they come in lots of specialty colors) and colored in the white. I have to touch them up after I launder, but it’s close enough. -- Adam 03/10/2005

Answer#2: Bleach Stain on Navy Blue Pants. Try magic marker -- you can probably find the right shade at an art store. -- Darlene Edelman. Nov 14 2007

Answer Bleach Stains.  I got yellow stains on my white canvas tennis shoes by trying to bleach them to remove dirt. I was able to remove the yellow bleach stains by soaking the shoes in a solution of 1/2 cup cream of tartar (I bought it from a store that sells bulk spices) and 1 quart of hot (almost boiling) water. The tip I read said to soak for 30 minutes, but it took 1-1/2 hours for my shoes. -- TD Pitts    10/07/2004 Note this will probably only work for white items with yellow stains caused by chlorine bleach. - Ed

Q: Stains & Smells   Does anybody have any idea how to remove deodorant stains and body-odour smells from cotton shirts? Many thanks. -- Hannah Walker 0904 Reply  

Answer#1: Stains and Smells. Try ammonia and hot water...soak....then launder -- Webb Skar 26/09/2005

Answer#2: Body Odor Smells  I have found that to remove body odor from the armpits of my husband's long sleeve running shirts and Under Armor winter athletic wear, I pre-soak the armpits in vinegar before washing normally. Doesn't seem to discolor them, and they do smell much better!  -- Loved your site! Great ideas. J Marcum --    28 Aug 2005

Q:  Mothball Odour in furniture. I just bought some used dressers and they smell of moth balls. I cannot stand the smell and wondered if you had any suggestions about how to safely remove the odour. If you can answer that, do you know how to remove mothball odour from clothing? I would appreciate any advice. Thank you. -- “Tammie” Reply (Ref:0053)

Q: Help. Help, I'm trying to remove the smell of mothballs from some luggage but to no avail. Do you have any recommendations? I'm going away this weekend and need the luggage not to smell. Thanks -- Reply

A: Moth Balls Smell - Hi, Try leaving some scented fabric softener sheets in luggage while it is closed to make it smell better. Also a product called Febreze is really good. It is sold near fabric softener in grocery store. Good luck. Chris "Chris" - Reply  25 Mar 2004

Q: Removing the Smell of Moth Balls  Hi, How do you remove the smell of moth balls from fabrics, furniture, carpet and walls? Thanks so much for your help.   Reply    26/07/2005

Answer Mothballs Smell: The smell is what protects the clothes from the larvae of the moths and other insects. You can buy odorless moth balls however. By the way never kill spiders, if you make your house unfriendly to spiders then insects will multiply and ruin clothes, books and so many of your possessions. Mothball smells will eventually go of their own accord.-- McGlitchie

That a moth eats cloth is a myth for a moth has no mouth - Anon

Q: Carpet stains. How do you remove stains from cats (hairballs). Because they put so much dye in their cat food it leaves a red stain. Any suggestions?? Most appreciative -- James P. Mitchell Reply 

A: I have had considerable success with Borax to take stains out of carpet. First dampen the area with warm vinegar in water (just a dash in a ice-cream dish half full of water). Then sprinkle the powdered borax over the area quite liberally. (I make a point of buying Borax that looks like talc in texture as there is also one which looks like dry fibreglass type slivers and I don't like that one). Leave the mix to dry and the stain just comes to the surface of the borax powder. Quite magic. Vacuum when dry. -- JM  

Answer #2: Hairball Stains........You said that your cats leave stains on your carpeting from the dyes in their food? Have you thought about switching your brand/color of catfood? Maybe to one that's NOT red? --Krissy Reply 17/09/2005

Answer #3: Cat Food Stains. You probably already have solved your cat food stain problem, but I have the same problem on beige carpet. Woolite Oxy Deep stain remover is a miracle and very easy to use; you just spray it on, let it sit for 5 minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth. Very often, I cannot even find the stain to wipe it up 5 minutes later; I search for the wet spot! -- Reply  26/09/2005


Q: Lawn Furniture I have several vinyl recliners (the kind that you see around motel swimming pools) that are stained. What's the simplest way to remove them? I've tried a mild solution of baking soda and water with some results. Will a mild bleach solution work? -- "Jim Lawson" Reply   (Ref:0231)

A: Cleaning Garden Furniture Use Jomax. It mixes with bleach and water. Find it at most hardware stores. -- Bobby Reply 14th Aug 2005

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