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Q: Remove candle wax from blue velvet dress. What's the best way to remove candle wax from my daughter's blue velvet dress? Thanks. -- tkvscqzsccoReply (Teresa Vereen)(Ref:0640)

A: Ref.0640 Hi! After seeing suggestions re ironing over a candle wax stain with paper bag in between: It worked! It took lots of red candle wax off my good black velvet dress, instantly, leaving no trace. Now I wish I had saved all the table cloths, etc. that were "ruined" with candle wax spills. I don't see why it wouldn't work with any fabric, including berber carpets. And with care, wouldn't it also work on a table? You'd just have to be careful while wielding the iron! Bev --John and Bev Preston       28 Dec 2002

Q: Candle Wax on Brick Fireplace.  Is the best way to try to iron this off a la fabric style? Is there a better way, or are ironing or carbon tetrachloride the only solutions? Thanks. (Ref:0901)

A: Wax stains on fireplace bricks  i had a 12" stain on my bricks from a white 3 wick candle pour it's insides over the hearth. I scraped all i could off with a putty knife and a stiff bristled brush. Then i purchased a industrial strength heat gun capable of 1100 degrees. i used the heat gun at max temp over the wax and it melted completely then evaporated don't know if this will work with a colored candle or not. If you do try this please be careful. the wax smoke made me sick one night. so the other times i opened up all the windows. it takes a while to use this method but you cant tell where the wax was. oh and one more thing the bricks get very hot have some water around just in case of a flash fire or anything. here's the heat gun i purchased. -- J Jones   2 Jan 2003 (Ref:0901)

Cleaning Aluminum Cookware We have a large aluminum pot that we used for boiling water to add humidity to the air in our home during the winter months. Running the forced air furnace dries out the sinuses so this solution was a godsend. However, it was not without it's repercussion. The inside of the pot is now incrusted with a hard white/grey substance. (Hard water deposits?) It seems to flake off in small pieces if I chisel at it, but this cannot be good for the container. Any ideas on how to remove this stuff? Thanks! -- "Harley, John" Reply 04 Nov 2002 (Ref:0829)

A: Cleaning Pot Have you tried the Aluminum cleaner carried by an auto parts store. It takes some rubbing but it removed it off of motorcycle pipes for me. Janice Murphy  15 Sep 2003

Getting Tea Stains off stainless steel spoons???? I drink a lot of tea and it stains the spoons that I use to stir it. Does  anyone know how to get these stains off of stainless steel??? Thanks. -- "Heidi Poe" Reply  06 Nov 2002 (Ref:0825)

Response: Spoons and Tea Stains. Ask Jeeves sent me yr e-mail - I hope yr an expert on this topic as I'm running out of decent spoons to offer guests. Are there any easy solutions (pun) to my problem?? Rgds Mike Freeman mikerfreemanqzhotmail.co.uk  12/12/2005

A: Tea Spoons. Soak them in diluted bleach such as Clorax. -- Janice Murphy 15 Sep 2003

A: Tea Stains. Hi, I just use baking soda with a damp cloth. It works and doesn't leave marks. I use this method on the teapot and cups as well. Hope this helps. -- 'Ron Bowman' Nov 25 2006

Q: Wood stain on Berber carpet Any ideas?  Elmo Xo01  Reply  (Ref:0869) 

A: Stained carpet  I have successfully used Oxi-Clean to do this. You first must do a colorfast test on the carpet. REMEMBER that it continues to bleach for up to two days after using the product. If you over do it, you may end up with a big bleach spot. It is best to apply it in several applications. Janice Murphy  15 Sep 2003

Q: Nicotine on Glassware  I recently received some antique glassware from a friend whose mother has passed away. Unfortunately they are horribly stained from years of smoking, any ideas on how to clean and remove this without setting the stain the way a dishwasher does? Thanks!! Lara Poucell -- Reply

A: cleaning glassware. Try tri sodium phosphate (TSP). It can be purchase at a paint store and probably Walmart. Wear rubber gloves. -- Janice Murphy

Q: Nicotine stains  I have a wooden Nutcracker purchased from an estate sale. Previous owner was a smoker and I need to know how to remove the brown nicotine stains from the white hair!  -- Shelli Long Reply 20 Dec 2002 (Ref:0859)

A: Nutcracker. Try " diluted" OxiClean. -- Janice Murphy

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