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Q: Silicon leather protector. My uncle, when he was alive, used to treat all our shoes with tiny amounts of a syrupy clear liquid that made them soft and last longer can I buy it directly or must I pay thru the nose for "Scotchguard" or similar?? Anyone out there know how to obtain the stuff?? -- Hugo Batt Reply (Ref:0516)

A: You can significantly extend the life of leather shoes by applying silicone fluid, buy it by the bottle or get some from a chemist friend, Dow the chemical giant is the main manufacturer. Medium viscosity is best -- Steve Jones Pittsburgh

Q: Color Bleed Hello there! What a fantastic site idea! 
My mom used vinegar and salt to set colors in a shirt that is both red and white. However, when she washed it the colors still bled, red onto white, of course. How do you get the red off of the white? And is there a way not to have to do that with each washing? Thanks! -- Ruth Reply (Ruth Emonts) (Ref:0538)

A: "Dye Magnets" a compound that you add to your wash to prevent run. Does anyone know where it can be bought.

Q: Removing Scratches from Optical Lenses (Glasses) My glasses have gradually become scratched. This was compounded when I left them on the ground and then Whipper snipped them into the neighbours yard. One lens came out but there was no breakage. Is there a simple way to remove the scratches without ruining them. Thanks in advance -- Paul Reply  (Paul Dexter) (Ref:0540) 

A: I had the same problem and used plastic polish, however after I had removed the scratches the lens had lost its shape slightly and the image was distorted and strained my eyes -- Dave Klystron

Q: Cleaning oven burner rings. Great site, trying to find a tip on cleaning the stovetop rings around the burners but you're search isn't working! -- Nancy Schroff (Ref:0554)

A: Have you tried using CAREFULLY APPLIED oven cleaner for your problem. -- Ed

hhMM, Oven cleaner. Good idea. I'll buy some and give it a try! Happy Thanksgiving -- Nancy L Schroff  

Q: Sap Stain on Clothes    Could you help me on how to remove tree sap from clothing? Thanks --  Kim Schnathorst Reply (Ref:0562)

A: The experts recommend a solvent cleaner. Alcohol is safe so try vodka. after that I would recommend a general purpose pre-wash stain remover --    essie2000

Q: Stuck glass bowls I know that I've read that there is an easy way to "unstick" glass bowls. Any of your readers know the secret?  Much appreciated! -- Reply  (WILLIAM MEINS) (Ref:0564)

A:  When you can't use lots of physical force to separate two "stuck" things, heat is often the best way to do it. The principle here is that when you heat something, it expands a little. When you cool something, it shrinks. You need a temperature difference (what scientists call a "delta-t") between the outside (neck) of the decanter and the stopper. This causes increases the space between the two parts, hopefully enough to separate them. For example, you could tie a piece of cloth on the outside, soaked in hot water. You could even try ice on the stopper at the same time. Another application of this idea is to apply a torch to a nut that won't come loose from a dirty or rusty bolt. The nut heats up faster. This helps to break the "glue" binding them together. -- Tony (Midibeast)  

Q: ink stain, how to get ink stain off leather? -- Judy May Reply (Ref:0565)

A: Ink on Leather. We use Premium Leather Care-"Ink and Stain remover." A product distributed by Stainsafe Companies, Riviera Beach, Fl. 33404. Try to find it at at good leather store or contact Riviera. It works great. -- jcoburn3 14 Dec 2002 

A: removing ink stain To remove ink stains from cloth, or leather spray hair spray on the area and wipe off with a clean rag.  --  Judy and Lou  Judy Mays  

Q: Hot Pan on Oak Table Help!!! I put a hot pan on my oak dining table, and I need to know how to remove it. Can anyone help me? Thanks. -- leydigqzadelphReply  (Sherry Leydig)  (Ref:0569) 

A: (Ref:0569) Hot pan on oak table Reply  You need to remove the black scorch mark, then re-colour the wood if it's stained. Try sanding the area very lightly with a very fine sandpaper. You can purchase a crayon-like colouring stick from some furniture stores. Sand an inconspicuous area first and try shoe nugget or coloured wax to put back the wood colour before trying it on the table top. Another tip is cigarette ash rubbed on with a soft cloth in a circular motion. I've never tried that one myself, but it's an old "Wives Tale" remedy. Has to be only a light scorch though. -- Kirsty Brown  

Q: Re: Stains on carpet  How do you remove oil and grease stains on a carpet/ Thank you, -- BAR  Ken and Barbara Reply  (Ref:0574)

A: dry cleaning fluid or dry cleaning fluid based preparation. -- Davina M.

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