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Q: Carpet stains. A few weeks ago I spilled hot tea on my beige carpet. I have tried all kinds of carpet cleaners, but the stain has remained. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks -- Suzette Reply  (Ref:0170) 

A: I have had considerable success with Borax to take stains out of carpet. First dampen the area with warm vinegar in water (just a dash in a ice-cream dish half full of water). Then sprinkle the powdered borax over the area quite liberally. (I make a point of buying Borax that looks like talc in texture as there is also one which looks like dry fibreglass type slivers and I don't like that one). Leave the mix to dry and the stain just comes to the surface of the borax powder. Quite magic. Vacuum when dry -- JM

Q: Scuff marks?  Any suggestions on the removal of scuff marks on white leather shoes? The product sold at the shoe store did little or no good! Thanks a lot. -- claire kingen Reply  (Ref:0176)

A: Try White correcting fluid, tippex, liquid paper etc. Try using scotch guard on them but use it in a discrete place first to test it. Or some shoes can be put right in a gentle cycle washing machine depending on the sole. Something like a sneaker can usually be put in the washer with some bleach and then air dried. -- bonny

Birds building nest.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent birds from building nest under and around the overhangs of the house and under decks from the upper level. We have tried hanging rubber snakes (does not work) and putting mothballs around, also did not work. This is a real problem for us, and the mess they cause on the walkways coming into the house. Thanks -- Allards Reply (Ref:0184)

A: You are lucky with birds nesting on house. In some countries it is considered very lucky. Droppings from birds is small price for beautiful creatures using a small part of your dwelling. -- carla u

Heavy furniture dents in carpeting. How do I remove or reduce the dents left behind in wall-to-wall carpeting when heavy furniture is moved? -- Reply  (Ref:0186)

A: Steaming sometimes helps, also teasing out with a needle if you have the patience or time to do it. -- Anon 

Q: Hydrangea. I have a potted hydrangea. The leaves are dry and brown around the edges. What is the best way to care for it. I know they need a lot of water. Do they like or shade? When can I plant it outside? -- Reply (Ref:0190)

A: Hydrangea like acid soil, they are quite hardy and can thrive in a temperate climate. Sorry that's all I know about them! -- Anon 

Q: Cleaning Brass. I want a inexpensive and natural way to clean my cymbals. I tried lemon juice but that will take forever and a day! If you can help me in any way I would appreciate it! Thanks -- Tyler Ross Toledo,Ohio Reply (Ref:0200)

Answer#1: Lemon juice on tissues left overnight followed by a polish can work wonders. Ketchup and other bottles sauces left on for a time is quite effective. -- Dave Klystron DE

Answer#2: Cleaning Brass! I use to clean houses and we used lysol for brass fixtures. However, I have a brass chandelier and the person who gave it to me said to use liquid fabric softener! It not only works but smells awesome too!! I hope this helps! -- Meranda --   05/08/2005

Answer#3: Cleaning Brass! The VERY BEST home cleaning for tarnish, rust , etc is plain BAKING SODA. Pour you some in a bowl and add just enough water to make a paste and put it on. For tough rust, rub paste on and and let it sit for a few minutes, rub and rinse. Also is a EXCELLENT deodoriser. --  Robbie Jan 2 2006

Q: Stains on leather. I have a question about my leather couch and chair which is a fairly light tan color. It has two red wine stains and I have had them professionally cleaned and could not remove the stains. First, do you have any ideas? The idea I had was to stain or dye them a darker color. Do you know if this can be done or do you have any other suggestions. Thank you -- John L. Pemberton Reply (Ref:0201)

A: It is quite difficult to dye leather, suede is much easier, I don't recommend doing that, has anyone else got any suggestions? -- Ed 

Q: Age stains. I have a cross-stitched quilt, almost 31 years old, and a Baptismal gown, same age. Both have yellow stains. I have tried Wisk and dishwasher detergent (Cascade) to no avail. I am pretty sure both items are cotton or cotton blends as I have washed them repeatedly with no ill effects. Any help greatly appreciated, for my first grandchild. Thank you. -- Jo Freer Reply (Ref:0203)

A: I have heard a mixture of fresh lemon juice and salt rubbed on spots and placed in sun will bleach out yellow in old stains. This information from my wise Aunt Sue. I would try it first on just one small area and see how it does. -- Good Luck, Patti Seizetheday 

A: Age stains. Hi Jo. Has anyone suggested yet for yellowing cotton/cotton blends, to use any type of powder bleach, especially one for nappies is great! I have 100% cotton sheets & they tend to yellow over the winter sitting in the cupboard & this is what I soak them in (nothing else) in hot water, then rinse, to whiten them again for summer use. Helen -- Ray & Helen Russell . Apr 4 2006

Labels. Any tips on how to remove New Shower Labels from Fiberglas showers without damaging the finish? Thanks so much for your help? -- Reply  

A: There are special preparations for removing labels. I usually use white spirit which is cheaper and in my house quite plentiful. Test for damage to the surface in an inconspicuous place on the shower. -- DE. 

Request information. I recently bought a house and I'm trying to remove some kind of adhesive off the outside edge of the tub in the bathroom, some of it is hard and some still has a rubbery texture to it, any advice or tips on how to remove it easily without scraping for hours & hours and of course I want to preserve the tub. Please let me know, I need help -- Reply Thanks, Teresa  

A: A product called "Goo Gone" is available in the US. 

A: Removing Sticky Residue from Tub. I have the ideal solution. Someone sent me an e mail about WD-40 and what all it can do. I tried on a sticky label that I couldn't get off and it worked. -- -- May 19 2006

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